Nanjing Orchid Thai essential oil spa lighting design

    Orchid Thai essence oil spa in nanjing provides a fantastic visual space with multi-layer reflections surrounded by black lacquered glass on the wall, mirror tiles on the floor and mirror stainless steel on the top.The design is made of fiberglass into a water-shaped lamp, which is placed on the top of the wall.Through the reflection of light, it creates the visual perception of oil droplets transparent and crystal.The corridor area expands the space infinitely through the lacquered glass on both sides and the optical fiber starry sky on the top.The space is dark and dreamy.Through the ground lamp on the ground, guide the moving line.The design of the top of the massage room also continues the design of the top of the stars, allowing customers to feel immersed in the vast universe when they lie down to do the massage. The fantasy and calm emotions interweave, generating different spatial experiences.

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