Meixi lake, changsha

Meixi lake international service and technology innovation city belongs to the key development area of changsha dahe west pilot area. It starts from fenglin road in the north, connects with taohua mountain scenic area in the south, starts from the second ring road in the east, and reaches the expressway around the city in the west. The total planned area is about 14.8 square kilometers.The district has the largest lake in changsha, meixi lake with 3000 mu, taohua mountain with 4360 mu, etc., showing the classic of shanshui zhou city in the natural essence of the city.The government is positioning this area as the new urban center of changsha in the future, and will build meixi lake into an 'international service area and science and technology innovation city'.According to the government's plan, meixihu international new city strives to build itself into a national green and low-carbon demonstration new city in China, a model of two-oriented society in central China, and a dynamic new city with the most international level, scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented, ecological livability and sustainable development in hunan and changzhutan regions.This area will gradually develop into a city international cultural center, international intellectual development and scientific and technological innovation center, international business center, international residential center, and economic, commercial and cultural center of dahexi pilot area.

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