Forbidden City turret lighting appreciation

The turret of the Forbidden City is a multi-angle building with four convex and plane combinations. The roof has three floors, and the upper floor is the peak of the xiehe mountain, which is intersected vertically and horizontally.Middle use hookup practice, with all four xiehilltop ring arch center roof, like the stars arch.The lower eave is a waist eave with a ring and half slope roof, which forms a compound whole of 5 roofs on the upper two floors.The exquisite architectural structure and exquisite architectural art in one, fully shows the wisdom and artistic creativity of the ancient han working people, is the masterpiece of ancient Chinese architecture.As a result of the various parts of the turret proportion harmony, eaves Angle is beautiful, modelling exquisite chic, become the symbol of the Forbidden City, people surprised, praise and respect.

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