Nanchong four bridge

This bridge is the fourth bridge across the river in nanchong city. It starts from the intersection of college street and jiefang street in shunqing district in the west and ends at heping bridge in gaoping district in the east.With a total investment of more than 700 million yuan, the design length is 1,515 meters, the main bridge is 27.5 meters wide, and 6 lanes are in both directions. The construction period is 32 months.The designed driving speed of the main bridge is 60 km/h, and the designed flood frequency is once in 300 years.In order to build a megalopolis with a population of 1 million and an urban area of over 100 square kilometers as soon as possible, nanchong is planning to build a new urban area in xiazhongba, gaoping district.Nanchong city mayor gao xianhai said that the construction of the jialing river bridge is a key project to accelerate the construction of a central city in the northeast of sichuan.After the bridge is opened to traffic, it can ease the traffic jam of baita jialing river bridge during the peak period. Citizens can go to nanyu expressway and chengnan expressway from qingxi road in gaoping district to yangchun road extension line.'The construction of the 'four Bridges' will re-create a major traffic artery connecting gaoping district and shunqing district, effectively relieve the pressure of current urban traffic congestion, and greatly shorten the space and time distance between shunqing and gaoping.'CAI shaoxiong, director of nanchong transportation bureau, said that the 'four Bridges' will promote the coordinated development of urban construction in the three districts under the jurisdiction of the city, and drive the overall development of zhongba district.When completed, the bridge will be the longest, widest and most convenient transportation corridor across the jialing river in nanchong city. It will also connect the xiazhong zhongba new city area with the completed nanchong, guangzhou and 'an expressway.

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