Nanning five elephant lake park

Wuxianghu park is located in the core area of wuxiang new district, adjacent to the land of major public welfare projects of the autonomous region (guangxi planning museum, guangxi art museum, etc.) in the north, adjacent to guangxi sports center in the east and wuxiangling forest park in the west.Park planning to 'watertown story, a long history, advancing with The Times, cultural guidance' as the core concept, to show the city's water reflecting the spirit of the mountain, splendid green city of the new image of the city.The park is equipped with baihu garden, baiyuan garden, baicaoyuan and baiqu garden to interpret the connotation of 'eight laurel charm, green movement' in contemporary guangxi, and at the same time, the park's characteristic tourist routes are combined to create different plant landscape features in different regions.

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