LED lighting channel construction under the rise of e-commerce

Date: 2019-07-02
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    Electrical business is changing our life, dalian wanda group chairman wang jianlin with jack ma, chairman and chief executive officer of alibaba group, a 100 million yuan worth of gambling, let us make a sight online two business models, and then the electricity to the development of LED lighting in the channel construction how change, LED lighting enterprise and how to face electricity this model?E-commerce and traditional stores who will win?

    The rise of e-commerce is unstoppable


   As a new mode of transaction, e-commerce brings production enterprises, circulation enterprises, consumers and government into a new world of network economy and digital survival.Insiders say that in the next three years, B2C will grow by more than 100 percent, and offline brands have become the mainstream of online marketing.Many Chinese and foreign famous brands have set up shop in Tmall and become the mainstream of online marketing.In addition, there are also a large number of grassroots manufacturers just use the network marketing channels to make the brand, do big sales.Just as ma yun said, what e-commerce is doing now is only the transformation of traditional retail channels. In the next three to five years, it may enter into the transformation of manufacturing and even change the way of life.LED lighting companies will not turn a blind eye to e-commerce, which can bring great changes or is an inevitable trend.

    LED lighting companies are on the move

   How to open channels so that LED lighting products can be better applied is an issue of great concern to the LED industry at present. Under the pressure of the market, in addition to actively laying out traditional lighting channels, e-commerce has also become the starting point and focus of the channel construction of LED lighting enterprises.

So what does e-commerce bring to LED lighting companies?E-commerce has great universality, convenience, coordination and integrity, etc. For LED enterprises, compared with the high cost of entering traditional stores and the long cycle of traditional distribution channels, online store sales have the advantages of low cost, short effective cycle and fast sales volume.At present, for example, e-commerce platforms such as jingdong, generally have a complete supply chain service system to optimize product supply and save intermediate costs. Meanwhile, online shopping platforms can realize low-cost, full-angle display of products, which is more conducive to the promotion and popularization of energy-saving products among consumer groups.

     E-commerce channel construction is changing

    In the context of economic environment, constant innovation and change of business model, and the increasingly networked situation of consumer groups and ways of consumption, the development trend of e-commerce is undoubtedly, and it is an irresistible trend for enterprises to enter e-commerce.The rise of e-commerce has brought a certain impact and change to the traditional channels, and will also become another channel battlefield for LED lighting enterprises, and both the e-commerce platform itself and the e-commerce channel mode are changing.

On the one hand is for lighting products, electric business platform is in constant exploration and transformation, online platform often experience deficiencies, after-sales service follow-up difficult problems, such as, and often involves offline installation services such as lamps and lanterns, the lamps and lanterns of some powerful enterprise may be through their own offline shop or dealer for service support, but also has a lot of enterprises don't have such function, to this, the personage inside course of study says, with the development of electric lighting products business channels, provide service support in addition to relying on the enterprise itself of lamps and lanterns, electric business platform may be involved, provide support service, also may appear independent third-party service providers, lamps and lanternsIt provides service support for online products.


   On the other hand, for many lighting enterprises, although they have the need to enter into e-commerce, they are not familiar with and good at the operation of e-commerce, so they will inevitably be at a loss. Therefore, they will become one of the choices with the power of e-commerce outsourcers.In terms of online stores, there are a large number of online stores and huge quantities of goods, and traditional merchants are unable to start at the initial stage of 'electric shock'. Moreover, a successful online store operation needs very professional and systematic data analysis and judgment experience before, during and after sales, and needs a supporting and professional team and management system.

    In addition to the construction of online channels, the dual channel mode combining online and offline is also being explored.National semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and industrial alliance (' alliance ') is exploring to build a comprehensive three-dimensional LED e-commerce shopping guide platform including channel construction, brand promotion, quality supervision, price guidance and other functions.

    In addition, with the emergence and development of weibo and WeChat, its influence in channel construction needs to be evaluated.WeChat for traditional enterprises to provide a rapid response service platform, using WeChat innovation and new product information in the form of WeChat first publicized to consumers, according to the classification of the users, accurate positioning, the user is effective in the region, in different age groups of enterprise publicity, for fans to answer some questions at the same time, to better strengthen the fans and the connection between the enterprises.Do a good job in the core function to market quickly, according to the feedback, in reality to improve, refine.In this way, products can grow as users grow, and products that bring the best user experience, both fun and practical, can bring long-term benefits to the enterprise.


   Everything is changing. It's hard to say what the channel will be like in the future.With the change of demand, the construction of LED lighting e-commerce channels will also take on a diversified look, and more new ways will be explored.

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