What are the influencing factors of LED quality?

Date: 2019-07-02
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    Most lighting designers believe that all LED products are of the same quality, and only a few of these manufacturers can produce high-quality leds.Low quality leds are sufficient for simple indication applications.But high quality leds must be used in many areas that require consistency, reliability, solid state indication or lighting, especially in harsh environments such as highways, military/aviation, and industrial applications.

    In New York subway station and other environments, safety requirements are very demanding, LED must meet the fundamental factors of high quality requirements. 

   What are the factors that distinguish the quality of LED?How to tell the difference between the two leds?In fact, there are many factors to consider when choosing a high-quality LED from the chip until it is assembled.Tier - OneLED manufacturing company to produce excellent, index consistent with the wafer start from a high quality LED manufacturing materials, and can make excellent chip.Among all the conditions that determine the performance of LED, the chemical material used in the wafer production process is a very important factor.

    A single 2-inch wafer can cut out more than 6,000 LED chips, with only a few of them performing differently than the rest.A good chip manufacturer makes chips that vary very little in color, brightness, voltage drop, etc.When LED chips are packaged, many of their performance indicators are likely to be very different, such as perspective.In addition, the impact of packaging materials is considerable. For example, silicone resin performs better than epoxy resin.

    Good LED manufacturers not only make high-quality chips, but also have the ability to classify and package leds according to their color, brightness, voltage drop and Angle of view.High quality LED suppliers will provide customers with products with consistent working characteristics, while lower quality LED suppliers can only provide similar 'mixed' LED.

   For high-end, quality demanding applications, such as airport runway boundary lights, FAA level color and brightness specifications must be met. LED packaging consistency is also strictly limited to ensure performance and safety.The use of LED with poor packaging grade in the application field with strict requirements will lead to a series of inconsistent problems, such as premature failure, which is likely to cause major accidents.In order to avoid equipment downtime and ensure the reliable performance of the leds specified in the design, it is important to avoid 'mixed' products in high-end and quality demanding applications.

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