How do LED manufacturers change in the Internet era?

Date: 2019-07-02
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    The Internet era has brought about a sharing society and further transparency of information.How should LED vendors cope with the advent of a Shared society?In the Internet age, how should businesses do their own brand communication and marketing promotion?These are worth the problem of industry thoughtful.

    The following will be your analysis of the Internet era under the two major features and solutions.

    Feature 1: Shared social information is more transparent

    Coping strategy: change marketing concept

    A Shared society?The concept of it has two meanings.First, the sharing society reflects that in the Internet age, people are more closely connected with each other than before.Second, in the Internet era, the transparency of information between merchants and consumers is getting higher and higher. In the past, after enterprises and merchants found the selling point of products and the value of brands, sellers mostly communicated with consumers condescending.Now that we're in a very connected, Shared society, a lot has to change.Based on the above two points, LED businesses have to change the marketing concept, in order to occupy a place in the future market competition.

    Feature 2: insight determines brand height

    Solution: change the way of marketing

    Businesses should pay attention to the high-frequency connection with consumers.So, how do LED vendors connect with consumers at high frequency?360-degree integrated propagation to 365 days continuous propagation.365 days of continuous communication, it is necessary to continue to talk to consumers, launch a wave of small wave of communication campaign, when the number of fans reached a certain number, the use of these fans can do social communication.Communicate with consumer should use personification communication way, communication frequency should be high, and want diversity.In the Internet era, it is a great challenge for LED enterprises and businesses to continuously spread the brand from 360-degree integrated communication to 365-day continuous communication.

    Therefore, the era of sharing comes, and the marketing methods of merchants will be more transparent.Marketing methods and efforts will also be more convenient, the speed of dissemination will be faster.At the same time, in the era of sharing, LED enterprises also need to change their marketing strategy and publicity.

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