Bicycle equipped with LED system, tire turns into "walking halo"

Date: 2019-06-28
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    According to foreign media reports, cyclists can choose to install an LED light on their bicycle spokes, which can turn the wheel into a walking 'halo' during the ride.And now a Californian start-up, MonkeyLectric, has decided to take the technology in a new direction by allowing leds to turn themselves on and only when necessary.

    According to Kickstarter, the new A15 Automatic Monkey Light consists of an LED module and a cylindrical battery.

    There are two RGB leds on each side of the LED module, and each pair outputs 40 lumens.Thanks to the ambient light sensors and accelerometers inside the module, they only start when it's dark, and only when the wheels are moving.This saves the user time to manually turn the power on and off, and also increases the time between battery charges.

Bicycle equipped with LED system, tire turns into

    Each USB charge lasts up to 17 hours, and the lithium battery needs to be removed when it needs to be recharged.

    With two buttons on the LED module, the user can choose 23 colors/patterns of light.

Bicycle equipped with LED system, tire turns into

    The system, which weighs 105 grams, is waterproof and fits on wheels 16 inches or larger, and costs $40.

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