The 2019 Africa cup of nations has opened, and the stadium is using xinnuofei LED lighting system

Date: 2019-07-02
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    The 2019 Africa cup of nations kicked off at the stadium in Cairo, Egypt, on June 21 and will end on July 19.

    The lighting system was installed at the Cairo stadium and at four other stadiums that welcomed the biennial African men's international football championship, according to official sources.

    With its leading experience in stadium lighting and a lighting system that meets the strict flicker free ultra hd 4K broadcast standard, the Cairo stadium chose xinnuofei's new lamps to replace the old ones.

    Philips ArenaVision has installed a total of 960 lamps covering 1200-2500 lux, which is in accordance with the standards of the African football association (CAF).Since the project had to be completed in three months, time was the main issue.From march to June, xinnuofei worked with its Egyptian partners and government contractors at five stadiums, managed and coordinated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

    According to xinnuofei, the company's goal is to innovate and develop stadium lighting to meet broadcast standards, while renovating the entrance to Cairo stadium with the latest LED facade lighting technology.

    According to sources, the company's partnership with Cairo stadium dates back to 1991, and in 2016 it installed the first ArenaVision LED lighting system in some stadiums.

   In recent years, xinnofei is said to have brought amazing lighting changes to the Cairo opera house.Previously, xinnuofei and Egypt's famous baron palace, the Egyptian museum has also carried out similar lighting   activities.Thanks to these projects, the Cairo opera house and historic palaces have reduced electricity consumption by 80 percent.

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