How to improve the service life of LED light source!

Date: 2019-03-14
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    As many drivers know, 100,000 kilometers in three years is a barrier to love a car.From the date of picking up the car, when the age of the car is more than 3 years, or the mileage is more than 100,000 kilometers, tires, spark plugs, brake pads and other parts are in urgent need of maintenance.But what many people don't know is that in their first year of driving, or 8,000 kilometers, the headlights are likely to be out of date.

    Take halogen lamps for example, the life span of a good quality halogen lamp is about 500 hours, which is only 8 months based on 2 hours of lighting per day, and this is only theoretical data.In reality, halogen lamps decline by as much as 30% after 6 months of use, with a lumen value significantly below 1,200 LM (the national minimum standard for near-light lamps).Therefore, the safety life of halogen lamp is less than 6 months!So the halogen lights are the main thing to watch out for -- by the second year or more, 8,000 kilometers, the headlights are a time bomb.

    Due to safety concerns, many owners have started to modify LED headlights for their cars.But soon, another problem followed -- once the LED headlights were modified, once the dust cover was put on, the lights became seriously hot soon;If you do not cover the dust cover, the headlamp is easy to water, dust, every rainy weather 'inside the cow face'......If you suffer from this problem, there is only one truth: you chose the wrong lamp!

    As we all know, LED, as a high-power light source, heats up quickly and has a high temperature, which increases the light decay of headlamps, affects their light efficiency and greatly reduces their service life.Therefore, the quality of LED lights to solve the first problem is heat!Only good heat dissipation, to ensure less than 80% of the light decay and more than 3,000 h lamp life.

    On the market, LED cooling design is divided into fan and copper loose tropical two camps.Fan heat dissipation has a strong instability, greatly affected by the use of the environment.It is difficult to ensure the normal service life of headlights.Heat dissipation is a system of engineering, in the design of the whole product is about to start.The use of good materials + good design of copper loose tropical lamps, is the choice of science.

    Take OLEDONE qideng P series products as an example, the headlamp's bracket is high-density aviation aluminum, using thermoelectric separation design, built-in copper vacuum thermal conductivity tube, at the same time, using three layers and six sides of thickened high-density copper scattered tropics, heat dissipation, heat conduction speed is five times faster than the ordinary headlamp, it can be said that LED headlamp industry 'high cold'.

    What's more, the P series is equipped with flex-seal TECHNOLOGY retractable seal design on top of innovative cooling design.This design is patented by OLEDONE. The lamp has waterproof silicone ring, which can be directly combined with the dust cover, making the loose tropics completely exposed outside the headlamp assembly and improving the heat dissipation speed.This invention not only rapidly dissipates heat, but also improves the sealing of the headlamp, fundamentally eliminating the possibility of water leakage and ash.Many owners have reported that the OLEDONE qideng p-series headlamps have never been hot or hot after upgrading. Related tests show that the headlamp has a 90% thermal lumen maintenance rate and an average service life of more than 30,000 hours.

    The real protection is never more than three years and 100,000 kilometers.In terms of after-sales service, OLEDONE qideng provides a three-year free warranty -- it promises that during the guarantee period, the large light decaying is less than 30% and the brightness is maintained at more than 70%, and it also provides free maintenance for up to three years, so that the car owners have no worries at home.

    The dangers of the road are never far away.Before 3 years 100,000km, in the headlights 'yangshou is exhausted', for the regular maintenance of headlights, upgrade the use of reliable LED headlights is the road to safety.

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